Still Sailing

Damariscotta Lake will not give up. Snow: blow it away. Rain: drain it without drain holes. Pressure ridges? Well, yes, but that’s a small price to pay for sailable ice. Aside from Eagle Lake on MDI, this and Clarey Lake are the only good plates we know of. And it’s been thus for nearly two weeks.

This is looking south on Muscongus Bay. Open water lay behind and to the right of the camera. It’s the same pool that’s been there since day one, so most sailors are familiar with it, some more than others…

The sailing will probably be active all through the weekend. Be advised that the open water and pressure ridge block access to the rest of the lake. The deep cold might cure that, but for some reason water stays soft at pressure ridges no matter the temps.

Up near Bar Harbor, the remnants of the Pemetic Ice Yacht Club ripped it up on Eagle:

Michael Young reports:
Eagle and Echo lake are spotty frozen snow covered but flat. The fisherman are out in full force making Eagle a slalom course. The group is sailing tomorrow on one of the ponds. Tunk is being scouted / driven by today. More info when to come. Phillips (on the mainland) was patchy snow covered.

Nothing planned or organized. Call your ice buddies, make a plan, pack a lunch and come sailing.

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