Damriscotta Lake 1/21/22

Such faith we place in the forecasts. It’s always the only nail to hang our hat on but sometimes that nail can fall out, get bent, or just not fit the hat. Today told of light winds. Thoughts of chasing telltales up and down the lake in very cold temps did not make for a motivating morning at the breakfast table.But miracle of miracles the wind was howling at the lake, so much that we chose reduced rigs. Again the ice was spectacular and the boats could be driven as hard as prudence allowed. Thankfully, Prudence never showed up. Down the River, up though the narrows, and back down again. Denis coined a new sailing style: cross country sailing. We scouted a few very narrow straights and island roundings which could be nailed at speed, minding the rocks, roots, and trees overhead.
The pressure ridge blocking Muscongus Bay from the rest of the lake healed at its SW end and could be sailed across.

But the open water persists, above. Aside from that and some pressure ridges in the north end everything is wonderful The big Doc Fellows plate near Wavus is still as smooth, fast and fun as ever. There’s something sublime about working through the tight spots to then open out on a big plate and just let the boat run. After a few mind blasting runs it’s back to the light technical stuff.

Deep Cove, above, always says: “Come in and I will give you
shelter from the storm.”

Down on Eagle Lake, MDI, Michael and the guys check in:
“Ice is good enough. Textured and flat intermixed. Plenty of wind. 4 boats again today. Echo is about the same; Long pond has a pressure ridge and has the same ice as Eagle. Boating tomorrow with kites and wing sails showing up.”

No snow in sight. No wind tomorrow, but we know what that can mean..
Sunday looks better, but whatever happens, eight inches of hard ice awaits your pleasure.


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