Almost Sebago

Club lore has it that Sebago is ready to sail by Presidents Day each winter. It hasn’t been the case for a few years now, the big part of the lake just not freezing at all.Now it’s flashed off twice. The first time, it was covered very soon by thin light snow. A couple of iceboats tentatively ventured on to it. Then the whole plate blew out in the recent storm. In the calm cold after the storm the ice came back. A couple of very cold nights locked it in and a skaggle of skaters nearly circumnavigated the great bay.

Here you can see the old plate in Pump House bay meeting the good stuff. Frye Island is on the right. Over the horizon is the other side.

Lee Spiller reports:

“Almost..we almost got it. Another night or two of those lovely 0° nights and Sebago lake would have been on. Big Bay was frozen mostly and a dozen or so skaters were out. Jesse and Evan almost circumnavigated Big Bay but had some challenges on the NW side when the S wind began moving the ice. There were lots of open cracks today.We skated till noon when the 2″ to 3” black ice got warm and weird and no one wanted to be on it.

Today’s storm will pass. It’s forty degrees this morning and lakes are wetting out. No good for Sebago, but we might get a surface somewhere.

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