Monotype XV Euro Champs

Congratulations to Thomas Tennström and Bernhard Rost, newly crowned European champions in 15-meter. Congratulations also to Mathias Tennström and Willem de Wilde who finished in a very nice 13th place in the same championship.

On Monday, the first starting shot of the European Ice Sailing Championships took place in Siauliai, Lithuania. Sweden was represented by two yachts: S-29 with Bernhard Rost and Thomas Tennström and S-21 (S-2) with Mathias Tennström and Willem de Wilde.

The class is called monotype-XV but is popularly called 15-Meter because it has a sail of 15 square meters and the Roman letters for 15. You sail two and two and when you compete you reach speeds of over 100 km / h . What is very special about the 15-Meter is that the person who drives the sail and thus the accelerator pedal sits backwards and does not see where you are going. There are no brakes. That is why communication and trust in each other is incredibly important.

Ice sailing is a very weather-dependent sport where the ice needs to be thick and snow-free enough, and of course it also needs to blow. Therefore, the championship was held in Lithuania despite the fact that Poland was the host nation. The sailings were conducted on Lake Rėkyvos ežeras. A total of 20 yachts started. Bernhard and Thomas started the championship with three second places and one first place. The conditions were very tough. There was rain, sleet, uneven ice and strong gusts of wind where several yachts capsized or broke things. Mathias and Willem started the day with a rudder failure and were disqualified because they drove over a mark. The steering was repaired and then they sailed home a series of 15, 13, 14.

On the second day, Bernhard and Thomas continued their even series with a first place, a second place and a third place. They were now on the same points as their closest competitors Oleg Vasilev and Ruslan Rudenko, who represented Russia. But in today’s first race there was an incident where Oleg forced the Swedes into a mark. Both parties protested against each other, claiming that the other had done wrong and thus should be disqualified from the race. After a protest hearing, the news came that the Swedes had won the protest and thus the entire European Championship.
“Absolutely incredible”, says Bernhard and continues. “And with a great series of races in addition! To succeed in counting out a 3rd place as the worst result!”
Now the Baltic Cup starts at the same lake.

More here, including results and videos:

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