Interesting Design

While we’re waiting for the cold snap later this weekend, here’s something from the completely-outside-the-box department. The guys on Quabog sent this in today. It’s a rear steering, single runner up front, boom forward rig.

Note the steering linkage and tie rods on the front of the rear runners hooked up to the foot steering bar. And that eye bolt at the bow can mean only one thing: that’s where the sheet leads!

The sail is reported to be an actual shower curtain. Is it a step up from Mother’s bed sheets? Hard to say. Of all the boats sailing today in light air, this is the only one that wouldn’t move.
But, it’s great to see creativity at work in this often monochromatic by the book safety obsessed world. Let’s see how she does when the ice firms up and the wind starts to blow. The paint job sure is nice!

Ice is wetting out nicely, Sunday could be the day for sailing in Maine. Keep an eye on your favorite lake and share the intel!

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