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The nail biter in the Monotype XV Baltic Cup Regatta in Lithuania was resolved into a first place for Russia. The score was tied after four races but the regatta was called as the following day promised winds and temps both in the forties.

Similar conditions have prevailed for the past few days on Quabog Pond. Here’s Bob’e report from yesterday:
“Billy Bluefeather and I sailed again today on Quaboag. The boats were set up and the wind came up at 9:45, surface was hard and better than yesterday, wind 10 to12 and steady.
We chased one another around and raced the cars on the road. By 10:15 the ice got wet and very fast. Temp got near 45 and the wind picked up.
After another 30 minutes of out of control runs we decided to pack it in and save the boats for another day.

Note on yesterdays picture: he has two sets of brakes if it goes too fast. They are attached on the back of the boat just inside the runners. Safety first!”

Conditions in Maine look good for Sunday. Cold on Saturday night should finish off any slush and water. We probably could have been doing what Bob and Billy have: sail in the morning until the ice gets soft. Dammy cam shows smooth and grey. Anyone up for a sail?

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    Wissa / 2022/ Tallinn, Estonia – Lake Maardu! Our family is packing like crazy today since we leave tomorrow to fly Boston-Frankfurt-Tallinn. The races start Monday 2/14 through Saturday 2/19. There will be courses set on the snow covered Lake Maardu, and the Short Track Slalom (which requires clear ice!) will be held on Lake Kahala or at Haapsalu depending on the weather. Wish us luck! Cheers, Kim, Will, Abby Tuthill.

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