Damariscotta Lake ON for Tomorrow. Launch North End

The surface hardened right up nice last night and is now ready to go. Looks like about a 5.5-6. We will be launching from Lake Farm Circle. We have out of state guests are coming up with a trailer that’s too big for Vannah Rd, so it would be rude to leave them all alone way at the North End.

Here’s how it looks today. Sixteen inches of hard ice. No idea what happened with the cracks and ridges out there in the north broads from last time, so consider this plate unscouted for now.

There’s a spot of snow between the ice and the road; not sure it can be driven on. Well, you could drive down but might not be able to get back up without a tow. Light trailers might roll over the hard crust.

Up on Mt. Desert, Long Pond, below, is looking very nice. They will be sailing it today. Stand by for a report later.

And speaking of reports, Kim and Will Tuthill are landing in Estonia as we speak for the International Ice and Snow Sailing Championships. This is the premier event for hand held wings, free skates and kites.
Kim has promised to keep us updated on all the drama. Racing starts tomorrow.

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