Dammy Downgrade

The North Broads was sailed and skate sailed this afternoon all the way to the entrance to the Narrows. All the pressure ridges are healed, but there is an occasional fang, or row of fangs, still sticking up. There are large swaths of ice well stove up from ATV’s in the slush. Very rough. The west side seems best. Overall grade four sounds about right.

No telling what the ice is like in the South End, but this is why we tour and explore.

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1 Response to Dammy Downgrade

  1. John Billings says:

    I tried the vanna rd cove this am, bare with me as I am a newbie and not up on all the Eskimo words for ice. Milky white pancakes of raised ice in a sauce of better but not good stuff. How’s that? Also light wind that my lackley was not motivated by so I gave up. I stope by the north end, the park, very rough. No dammy for me for now!

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