Black Ice

How strong is the draw to new black ice? Even if the plate is too skecthy for sailing, the need to just be on it is magnetic. Two cases in point. One ice hound got the call for ice at Thanksgiving dinner. In full confidence he continued drinking and eating, and then simply drinking. When he made his way home he realized all the skating and skate sailing gear was in a part of the house behind some carefully applied plastic sheeting, as he was in the middle of an interior renovation. But the draw pulled. He rounded up a ladder, ascended to the second floor window, and rolled over the sill onto the floor where all the gear lay waiting. Back down the ladder, load the car and off to bed for an early departure.

Ice hound number two was happily ensconced at his girlfriend’s house on a Maine island, a long way from ice. With the balmy maritime climate caressing the happy couple ice was the furthest thing from his mind. But the call came. Next morning he was out the door at three AM, drove back to his house on the mainland and had a nice breakfast after rounding up all his long dormant skate gear. He made a phone call.

Ice hound number three got the call in bed and was out the door in fifteen minutes.

It was full glide on black ice as dawn folded into day.

If there was wind, there would have been careful sailing.
Now, all the above scrambling for gear was only for ice skates! Imaging if they had to round up iceboats, planks, runners, tools, stands, spares, etc. Are you ready? The call will come, it always does. Be the one there.


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2 Responses to Black Ice

  1. daveross59 says:

    Brilliant piece, keep ’em coming.

  2. Bob Lombardo says:

    We seem to know who to call. Thanks Bill

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