NEIYA Tune Up Clinic

Commodore Stanton put on a terrific show at Steve and Linda Lamb’s shop in Canton, MA yesterday. In addition to learning to stone runners, a review of the rules of the road and plenty of food and drink, we got to help a new sailor refine her setting up, adjusted her alignment and repaired a crack along the edge of the cockpit. She sails on a small lake in New Hampshire in a small fleet of DN’s and will take her new found skills back there and spread them out. Way to go Chris!

Jay Whitehair made some iceboat models that we used to simulate rules situations, first in an informal fun discussion, and later T walked us through a number of crossing, overtaking and mark rounding situations. He also laid out a recent crash, deconstructing exactly what happened. Basically, a boat was giving way and ducked under the stand on boat only to find another boat directly behind him, who had been hidden by the first boat.

Eben Whitcomb gave a demonstration on runner stoning techniques, basically how to finish the edge after sharpening. Very informative, and lively conversation was stimulated by lots of excellent questions.

At the very end of the day a call came in from Maine. Rob Dmitiof made a last minute decision to move up from the Lockley Skimmer and buy Steve Lamb’s red Renegade El Diablo. There was a mad scramble to round up all the parts and pieces, but with help from the entire crew the trailer was packed and on the way to Maine before sundown. Congratulations Rob!

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  1. John Pepper says:

    Great recap Bill. Wished I could have attended. Think ice. John

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