More Good News

The New Zealanders have broken the world land speed record. It’s a little side project they’ve been working on just to stay busy between America’s Cup campaigns. Watch it here:

Locally, Scott Carlson and Stacey Keifer hit the jackpot today on Little Millinocket Lake. No word on thickness, but the surface is supreme and they skate sailed all day:

Back in Quebec the fun never ends. Karen, T, Jeff and Dave continued scratch racing today, tuning for the Worlds. The breeze filled in from the north, right down the center of the lake with better than promised wind speed. Denis was back in the Whizz. All boats are on the ice for at least one more day:

Meanwhile, for the rest of us, the Linc Davis Cup is tentatively planned for Wednesday afternoon at Plymouth Pond. The plate will be checked tomorrow around sundown and the final call will be posted here right about dinner time.

Lastly, that lovely photo of Pushaw posted here yesterday? It was indeed skimmed over, but the wind today took it out. But, we’ll have a closer look tomorrow and include that in the evening’s report. Welcome back to one day at a time.

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