Ice Report 12/13/22

First, looking ahead, Plymouth Pond has a constant three inches of herd Black Ice. There is a hole right at the launch ramp probably caused by ice vandals, but the secondary ramp is fine as is the rest of the bank. The same holes Tyler spotted on Sunday are still there, off to the SW corner of the lake. As with all the black ice now in Maine it is achingly beautiful.

There is only one forecast that is not promising snow tonight and into tomorrow. Most tracks show snow from Wood Pond in Jackman to Pushaw, Plymouth and Conshewagen, basically all the known ice in our universe. Our skaters Bob Lombardo and Jeff Roseberry had some good glide today, Jeff on Wood Pond in Jackman (see last post for photo) and Bob on the south end of Pushaw, below:

This is looking north from Goulds Landing at Dollar Island, all about two inches.

So the bottom line is that unless the snow changes course there will be no sailing tomorrow. The good news is that much of this ice will survive and might resurface after this weekend’s forecast mess.

On an uplifting note, Denis made a video of our sailing in Ste. Aurelie over the past few days: Tip of the helmet to him for scouting this plate and to our hosts Linda and Ghislain at Le Morrilion B&B!

Lastly, don’t forget we are still early in the season and the ice can be tricky.

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