Opening day on Plymouth

DN scratch racing on Grade ten ice. It might have been Bo Derek ice, champagne ice or Hollywood ice but it was perfect. Temps in the high thirties made it just soft enough to be grippy yet wet enough to be fast.

Boats are getting dialed in for the worlds, although we expect to have more local sailing before then. Left to right: Jost VanDyke, Polyblank, Buchholz, Roseberry, Young and MacEwen. Courtney skated and took video, coming soon to this very site.

Good old Plymouth Pond. It’s been the CIBC’s opening gambit for many decades. And if you’re driving through Plymouth some day be sure to stop at the store. Admire the patina on the front door: it will be in a museum some day.
Thanks to Guy Polyblank for getting there early and scouting the sailable plate!

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