The pond dodged last night’s white bullet and it appears that it will dodge the second one tonight. The winds are more moderate tomorrow with temps above freezing. The holes in the north corner will not have healed so will need scouting and posting. There were two small holes in the middle that might have frozen. Let’s try to find them before they find us.
Holding the Linc Davis Cup might be problematic with the NE wind because that places the leeward mark right in the neighborhood of said holes. Might make the mark rounding more fun but we’ll discuss that on the ice.

This will be the only sailing day on this weather cycle. Three days of cold, wet crud to start Friday.

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  1. papersails says:

    Thank you Bill for all your hard work for our safety. So glad to be back on solid ice.And again, I felt like a low flying dutchman.Jos.

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