Perch on the Edge

The light air filled in nicely and held until mid afternoon. The sailing was excellent for tuning light air skills, the lake offering a nice upwind downwind orientation. It would be an excellent site for a regatta with great access, shallow water and no nearby hills to mess with the wind. It freezes well before Pushaw, and maybe even Plymouth for all we know.

Looks like we’re back to a holding pattern again, hoping the snow will seed the open lakes, and then temps will drop. If it gets cold again Damariscotta might freeze. We’re into January after all. Is a little ice too much to ask?


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2 Responses to Perch on the Edge

  1. Lloyd Roberts says:

    Where were you sailing?

  2. Ryan says:

    I’m in colorado, and I was wondering if you know of any clubs in this state, and adjacent ones (Utah, NM, Wyoming, or other closer states)? I’ve searched the internet, but it seems quite hard to find due to the apparent niche.

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