Got Ice?

With the spring-like weather we’re having it brings to mind Loring Landsailing VI. The spring regatta is scheduled for May 9-14, Tuesday through Sunday. Details to follow, but this is just so you can put it on your calendars now.

Big sky, big asphalt, great racing.

Plenty of parking.

Never a dull moment.

Meanwhile, back in what’s passing for winter, temp forecasts for the week look promising. Later in the week some lakes that were open during the recent snow might freeze, and the ice that did survive might re-surface.
Please keep your eyes on the ice and share what you find.

Best of luck to all the DN racers at the Western Regionals on Lake Kenosha, WI!

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  1. John Stanton says:

    Say it isn’t so Bill. We have lots of ice time to go.

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