23 January, 2023 06:15

The first morning of racing in the Fiftieth anniversary of the DN World Championships dawned grey and white. An inch of dry snow dusted the fleet of over a hundred boats.

The wind forecast of light air all day did not inspire much hope in in the skipper’s hearts.

But this is ice boating where hope springs eternal. The fleet dusted off the boats and after a one hour delay a small breeze filled in, just enough to move through the snow and at times enough for a little hike.

The Bronze qualifying race was held, then a Silver fleet race followed by a Gold Fleet race. A second Silver was started after chasing the shifting breeze with the starting line, but the race was black flagged anyway.

It is still unclear why that race was stopped but the race committee is doing a stellar job under very challenging conditions.

Big winds for tomorrow. Rough ice, sticky snow, strong winds? What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. meg tobin says:

    Hi boo. Where is this 3rd picture? Looks like a nice room with vie of ice boats. Nice. Just curious.
    Sleep. Coffee. I wish I could go with you. Can pack in a minute :) wake up in WI.

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