Day two

Day two at the DN Worlds was a huge step up from the day before. The wind came up, the snow stayed soft and the rough ice under kept you at the edge on the fast runs down wind.
The race committee hit their stride, cranking out back to back races in all three fleets all day long.
Team New England is posting a fine showing. Check here for the latest provisional results.

Sailwave results for 2023 DN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP at Lake Kegonsa – Stoughton, Wisconsin 2023

Lake Kegonsa , near Madison Wisconsin, is a favorite of ice fishermen. A few set themselves up right in the course and seemed very happy to have a front row seat for the action. Their little camps were a feature on the course to consider, and actually were helpful in providing reference points as the sun went lower and finding the top mark became hard. The course is over a mile top to bottom, so it wasn’t a matter of just going to the corners. There was a lot of action in the middle of the course with upwind boats moving over to greet the downwind boats.

We all come for the racing, of course, but the people you meet and the places you see are just as special. As Pat Heppart put it: this is the one time of the year when you see all your best friends in one place.
And not only that, it’s the time to form new connections with people from all over the world as well as those from near home.

Think Ice!

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