24 January, 2023 18:14

With the sun setting on the DN Worlds, folks are getting ready for the festivities tonight.

Young Milo Fleming, 5777, is turning in an exceptional performance. Final standings will be at the same link from the previous post.

All three fleets got one race in before the wind died in the afternoon. It was touch and go all day in sticky snow and bonded drifts. Looking for clear lanes of ice, watching the telltales and constant sheet work made for hard work.

Nearly the entire gold fleet ghosted across the line together, some running, some walking, and a few managing to get the breeze and sail through. Most notably was Mr. T, smoking the pedestrians to rocket into a fourth place finish. The crowd went wild.

We have some down time before the North Americans start tomorrow. Nothing like a nice chair after a hard day at the tiller.

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1 Response to 24 January, 2023 18:14

  1. Claude Morin says:

    Bill, I really enjoy reading your daily comments.

    Claude Morin
    KC 5001

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