To The Patient Goes The Gold

No, not that kind of patient, it’s the one that stands around on the ice for most of the day waiting for wind. And when you add a dollop of faith to that patient sailor that the two inches of snow won’t be an issue, you get a real iceboater.

Those are the track shoes of Jeff Roseberry who, along with Dave Fortier, hit the jackpot on Thompson Lake today.

If you could design the perfect day for speed runs it might look something like this: perfectly smooth and slippery surface, something with a fine film of lubricating water, a big well scouted plate, wind blowing across the lake for optimal reaching, and not too cold so you could keep at it all day long. Maybe we even get a little greedy and ask for partly cloudy conditions so your eyes don’t get tired. And just one last thing: not too crowded with skaters and other boats. Just a buddy to match race and a mark at each end.

That’s just what the guys finally got today, starting around 1:00, earning multiple mile a minute awards.

This plate is one of the highest quality we know of right now. 5.5” of black ice. It will survive when all the snow ice on Piushaw and Dammy slushes out. Even Moosehead is looking dubious. There isn’t the thick black ice base that allows us those magical spring flings. If nothing else, be sure your slush runners are clean and polished.


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