Dammy Doable

The ice has maintained its seven+ inches through this last blast of weather. Today there are puddles about an inch deep all over the lake.

The surface is soft today in the forty-five degree temps but will probably firm up tonight as temps dip below freezing. How much of the water will drain/evaporate is anyone’s guess. The only pressure ridge observed runs from Wavus Point south to the next point. Same as always. The one from Wavus Point crossing the lake could not be seen.

There’s a dry west wind coming later today which will help a lot.

The launch at Lake Farm is in good shape, clear and tight to the shore. Maybe trailers can go on the ice, we’ll see in the morning. Which brings us to the big question: are we sailing? Good breeze for tomorrow would say yes. Will we need slush runners? Maybe.

Prognosis shows good potential for Sunday and Monday, better winds Monday. Monday might be Regatta day…

The ice will fly away quick this year if we don’t get some serious cold in the next two weeks. Come get it while you can!

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2 Responses to Dammy Doable

  1. Ben Fuller says:

    Thinking about running STREAK over tomorrow, mid day to see if I can get it on the ice, I did make some wheels for it so the trailer doesn’t need to get onto the ice.

  2. Heather Lanza says:

    Will anyone be sailing at Thompson Lake on Saturday?

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