Weekend Roundup

We’ve been a bit lazy with the ice reports recently. Saturday was a fine day at Damariscotta, with at least fifteen boats. Many were there for the first time this season. No surprise there. The two C Skeeters made it down the narrows easily and were hoping to follow the lovely grey ice all the way to the horizon, but lo and behold the serious pressure ridge. There might have been a place to cross, but with just a couple of old guys sailing big boats it felt more prudent to head back north and do laps with the DN’s. The wind continued to fill in and was still blowing as the sun went down. It was a day beyond expectations: we had hoped to be able to rig, sail over to the far corner where there’s a nice path to the Cafe and have lunch. Sail back to the pits and call it a day.
There were two Mini Skeeters, two Dn’s, two Cheapskates, and two C Skeeters all duking it out, playing cat and mouse, and running the course. The access was on borrowed time, so we got all the boats off just before dark.

Sunday promised a SE wind coming in around noon just along the coast so we set up on Megunticook right after lunch. The Western Way runs NW-SE and usually we’re beating up in a shifty NW and running back down. This time it was just the opposite. Navigating around the end of a ridge blocking the entrance we were immediately catapulted into a feast of deep, fast gybes. Yet another ridge had left us a small door to cross and down we continued. There north end didn’t wet out as well as the south, leaving a stiff styrofoam surface, so we beat back down and headed for the turnpike. More ridges and trenches to work around and we were over by the road, racing cars on the downwind run. You think you are winning, but what’s probably happening is the car is just slowing down to look.
As you might have gathered by now, the lake had changed a lot since our last sail. The ice was absolutely wonderful, but there was water to watch for. Toward the end of the day, smitten with euphoria, Jory found a deep trench (rather, the trench found him) and the rest of us, just happening to look his way at that very moment saw the big splash from far away.

Which brought to mind this wonderful photo from the 2012 season at Plymouth Pond entitled "Putting the BOAT back in Iceboat."

The Southern New England DN racers found nice ice at Scroon Lake, New York and had a couple of fine days scratch racing and socializing. Thanks to the Upstate Gang for scouting the lake!

The north end of Memphramagog had some joy as well, with boats and kite sailors out in force both days.

If anyone can find any joy in the forecast in the next week, please share it!

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