Dammy Report, Lost and Found

These stands were found today laying on the beached floating dock. If they are yours, please let me know. They are in my car.

It’s funny how these potential sailing days just keep sneaking up on us, needling their way through the most bleak of forecasts. Looks like a great breeze out of the west tomorrow, with temps right about freezing. Checking the ice today found a nice hard surface, air temp 30. Looks to have improved from last Saturday. Thickness holding at 7”.

There’s a slight chance of snow overnight. Anyone game? Launch will be as before, with planks, although much of the loose plate has frozen back together.

Best wind in the morning. Meet at 9:00? Let me know. Thanks.

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2 Responses to Dammy Report, Lost and Found

  1. Robert MacEwen says:

    Hi Bill,


    div>Sounds good. I’ll be there about 10

  2. Jos Ruks says:

    Best day of the season; nearly perfect ice, cleatr sky, good breeze with strong gusts, trying to keep up in my old dn warhorse (wooden mast, old sail), keeping up with 2 mini skeeters and Bill’s whiz. Tried to find my limits and was frequent on two runners. Scarey and adrenaline pumping.
    Long, fast stretches and fast approaching horizons. Had to sit up to be able to see what’s coming and to stretch my painful neck. Thank you Bill and chikiwaukee club for this new, exiting thrill in my later stage of life.

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