We’re Not Done Yet

But if we were, today on Dammy would qualify as one of the best, one to put in your pocket and hold as a keepsake for the long off season. Perfect #10 ice, sunshine, good company, beautiful lake. The wind was west, so we can’t blame it for being less than perfect, but it blew hard and it blew all day. The sailing was full speed all the time, go wherever the wind sent you. Minor imperfections alongshore; just the usual.

The course d’jour was from the top end at the state park, all the way to the end of the narrows where a ridge blocked access to the south end. A few tight island rounding were thrown in for good measure in both directions. About an eight mile round trip. Do it often enough and you begin to feel transcendent.

Always time for a rest at a friendly shore.
That’s Bob MacEwen, Chris Malliet, Jos VanDyke and your reporter. The three Cheapskates didn’t make it down this far but had a great time frolicking in the broads: Linc Davis, Bryce Geele and Andrew Davis.

Tight sailing in and around the islands.

Jos had this to say:
"Best day of the season; nearly perfect ice, cleatr sky, good breeze with strong gusts, trying to keep up in my old dn warhorse (wooden mast, old sail), keeping up with 2 mini skeeters and Bill’s Whiz. Tried to find my limits and was frequent on two runners. Scarey and adrenaline pumping.
Long, fast stretches and fast approaching horizons. Had to sit up to be able to see what’s coming and to stretch my painful neck. Thank you Bill and Chickawaukee club for this new, exiting thrill in my later stage of life."

Top it all off with a fine lunch in the sunny window of the cafe and you almost are grateful for the impending white doom scheduled to beset us tomorrow. Today will seem so long ago and far away as we dig out.

Long term forecasts look great: don’t give up!

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2 Responses to We’re Not Done Yet

  1. Charlie says:

    Finally got on ice this year. Lake Wentworth had a little of last nights snow which blew into small drifts. Whole lake is tight with about 10”.

  2. Mark Weber says:

    Thanks for connecting me to Michael. I finally arrived last night (some would say just in time….I would say a day late and a dollar short…). I will keep eyes on your posts as well, as I am prepared to drive in pursuit of adventure (and yet one more all-consuming passion…I hope…).


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