Megunticook Report and Some History

In the mid nineties, Maine Public Radio sent a reporter to cover the Maine State Champs. Here it is:

Thanks to Scott Rollerson for hanging onto the tape for all these years.

Megunticook had an inch of “ice” over a few inches off slush yesterday. This morning that had improved to two inches of “ice” over two of slush. Eminently sailable. There are islands of snow, some can be sailed through, others are of the PEI variety and require pushing. The fun is trying to find the clear lines from the low profile of a DN.

The wind was fresh out of the North, and the whole south end is good. Occasional drain holes with an inch of ice stop the heart, but seem up to the task of supporting a boat. But you never know. Western Way is all snow. Two boats are on the ice and will try the lighter air first thing in the morning. The ice softened today by 11:00.

Above, the outbound track and the inbound track.

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