Quick Update

Bob Lombardo got a report and a photo from a hiker the other day of a completely frozen Tunk Lake. It had been open, and then it snowed. What appears to have happened is that nine inches of snow fell into the cold water, became slush, and formed 5” of ice overnight.

He skated the perimeter, but even at that thickness there were zippering sounds and other creepy feelings.

The soft ice on Megunticook the other day hardened up nicely overnight in above freezing temps for a brisk morning sail before the storm. The coast got about a foot of wet, heavy snow in the recent Northeaster.

Pushaw Lake, on the other hand, got only three. With the warmth and sun of the next few days this should wet out and become a fine surface. The first cold night is Saturday. Sunday might surprise us with a hard surface (see above). The wind looks terrific. Colder temps Sunday night make Monday more of a sure bet, along with more great wind.

Are any of you pilots out there, Dave, Steve, willing to do a flyover for us tomorrow or Saturday?

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