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Till We Meet Again

Farewell good friend, survive your softness. When you return we will be there, waiting for you, with sharp runners, crisp sail and full thermos. And for summer fun, don’t forget land sailing :

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Project Time

Lockley man Rob Dmitriof has upped his game significantly thanks to a viral Craigslist post from western New York State. As Rob was unpacking his score he kept accentuating the “western”… The post was bounced around all over New England … Continue reading

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Land Sailing

Is there anyone in Maine who’d like to convert their iceboat to land sailing for the summer, find a venue, and have races? Call or write: 975-6980

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Spring Training

Before you pack up the boats for the summer have a look at this and see if you might want to re-purpose those old roller blades. Jones Beach land sailors take note!

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Sailing Moosehead 4/17

Waiting and watching web cams and weather reports week after week finally paid off today. Searching for a series of cold nights followed by a cool day with wind was the elusive goal. Bob Bartlett, our new spy and iceboater … Continue reading

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