Moosehead ON for Thursday

This coming Thursday looks like the best chance we’ve had in a while. It hasn’t been scouted, but local sources confirm that the surface is hard as long as it’s cold. Forecast for Thursday is all that and more. Ice thickness still about three feet.

Just for a little context, this was taken on April 18, 2014.

There’s snow coming on Friday, but if it’s not much, or misses altogether then there could be a good opportunity of having a regatta. Lac St. Francois, just across the border in Quebec, looks about the same and if the snow misses there we might just de-camp. Bring passports. The CIBC held the 100 Mile Race there two years ago. Will lightening strike twice in the same place?

The plan is to sail out of Greenville Junction. We should be there by nine am. If you arrive later and find no one there, head to the Birches. It means that the launch is no good or the inner bay there is too beat up by snowmobiles and race cars.

And this is what the end of a fine day of spring sailing looks like.

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