Two Weeks to Loring 2020

With only a couple of weeks to go and a wind forecast yesterday of NW 15-20 it seemed to be a good idea to have another course scouting R&D mission.
Mission Accomplished:

The schedule is from Friday until Sunday 9/13 at sundown, although a few of us will be there Thursday afternoon, 9/10, setting up. Directions are simple: drive north until you are above the latitude of both Quebec and Prince Edward Island. At Caribou get off US Rt. 1 and take Rt. 89 towards Limestone. It’s a left. In a few miles you will pass an entrance to Loring Commerce Center on your left with a gas station on the corner. Best not to enter here, but carry on another couple of miles to the four corners with the flashing light. Cote’s Auto is on the corner. Turn left. You will enter the base around a sharp left bend in the road. A bit further on, on the left, is a derelict building. Just there on the right is your turn. It’s the first right you come to. Go up the hill, bear right at the top.
On the other hand you’ve been driving for what seems like forever and there is a sign for your destination. How heartbreaking it could be to just drive on by. You can turn left there and enter the base about a mile down on the right. Go a short ways until you come to Wienmann Rd. Hang a right and take it all the way until the end. Turn right, take that to the end, turn left. Take that to the end and turn right. You are now at the beginning of the regatta.

Here’s the roster so far, with those all paid up indicated.


Milo Fleming $
Scott Valenetine
John Ziermann $
Rosemary Barnitz $
Steve Kozloff $
Kate Morrone $
Jim Turner (Cheapskate) $


Dave Lussier  $     BB Hredocik $     Zach Bemis       Dave Midgely  $   Rich Bulboff $      Eben Whitcomb  $   Steve Madden $



Jim Gagnon $

Breck Holladay $

Jeff Kent

George Williams $

Dave Silsby $

Ed Demerest $

Bill Buchholz $

John Stanton $

Wolfie Wessel $



Karen Binder Henry Capotosto

Please bring your mask and observe all pandemic protocol throughout the weekend. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to pull together an event like this, so let’s do all we can to stay healthy!
Breakfast will me made for us at the Bunker Inn for a nominal cost. We envision folks trickling into the kitchen by ones and twos, taking their food and moving to a nicely distanced spot to eat.

Think Asphalt!

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